Sound Attenuators Silencer


Sound Attenuators Silencer

A sound attenuator also called duct silencer is used to reduce noise in any heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

In a HVAC system, the potential noise sources are AHU, terminal units and room air outlets. The sound wave generated by these sources transfer its energy throughout the duct and to the occupant’s area as shown below. 

In contrast to sound pressure, sound power is a measurement of the overall energy that a source emits in all directions in a certain amount of time. The fluctuation in pressure at the receiver’s position is measured by sound pressure.

Sound Pressure is influenced by the surrounding acoustics. The impacts of surrounding reflecting surfaces, receiver distance, space type, placement within the space, barrier presence, and ambient sound intrusion are some of the elements that play a role. As a result, the sound pressure produced by a certain AHU’s generated sound power is dependent upon:

  • The room’s distance from the AHU
  • The room’s dimensions
  • The capacity of interior furniture to absorb
  • Attenuating components include elbows, duct branches, silencers, and duct liners, among others.

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