Eye Ball Jet Nozzle Diffusers


Eye Ball Jet Nozzle Diffusers

Eye ball Jet Nozzle Diffusers are highly suitable for delivering a high stream of air over long distances. Its ability to deliver an accurate airstream makes it suitable for spot cooling applications. 

Its angular movement enables the delivery of the air stream in either decreased or full jet position over a broad directional range.
The Jet Nozzle Diffusers’ spout may be turned 180 degrees in either direction. It is possible to mount Jet Nozzle Diffusers directly to the circular ductwork. To prevent air leaks, a gasket is placed around the rear of the Jet Nozzle Diffusers.
Large rooms with high ceilings, including theatres, concert halls, gymnasiums, mall atriums, exposition halls, etc., are good candidates for Jet Nozzle Diffusers. For huge air volumes, many Jet Nozzle Diffusers can be combined onto a single panel. Jet Nozzle Diffusers’ design enables trajectory control and long-distance throwing.

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