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About us

Venti-tron has been helping buildings thrive, serving engineers, building owners and contractors in India. Venti-tron partners with leading manufacturers of commercial HVAC equipment to deliver solutions that maximize energy efficiency, building economics and comfort for building occupants.

Customers rely on Venti-Tron because we understand their unique viewpoints, needs and concerns, and provide project management that achieves pre-established goals for everyone involved. Venti-Tron’s motto is “Service is key. Wow every customer” and these values continue to make us the leader in HVAC solutions.

What We Offer

At Venti-tron, we offer comprehensive HVAC solutions tailored to your needs. From installations to maintenance to consultations, trust us for all your heating and cooling requirements.


Optimize airflow control with Ventitron's precision-engineered dampers. Achieve perfect comfort and energy efficiency with our advanced dampening solutions.


Elevate air distribution with Venti-tron's premium diffusers. Experience even airflow and enhanced comfort in every corner of your space with our innovative diffusion technology.


In HVAC, a VAV box regulates airflow to zones by adjusting air volume based on temperature needs, enhancing control and energy efficiency in buildings.

Sound Attenuator

a sound attenuator reduces noise by absorbing or dampening sound waves, ensuring quieter operation in ventilation systems.


an actuator is a device that controls the movement of dampers or valves to regulate airflow or fluid flow within the system.

Flow Bar

a flow bar is a component designed to evenly distribute airflow within a duct, ensuring optimal air distribution throughout the space.

Our Expert Team

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Juan George​

Vice President

Sean Hart

Project Leader

Emma Kelly

Creative Director

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

Experience unmatched service excellence with Venti-tron. Your satisfaction is our first priority.